Matt Asher | 17 | FC: Justin Bieber | Ships: Ava Watts | CAMPER | OPEN 

I was always on the run. Maybe he never noticed but I was. I was pretty much — homeless. I didn’t really care, I just couldn’t stand my step-dad and my mom she … she always listened to what he said. It was better if I was on the run. Then one day, I was caught stealing food. I had run out of money, and then when the cops bought me in I begged them to call my Nana and they listened. She came to get me and she said she’d take me under her wing in one condition, if I went to get help for my stealing and running away problem… it wasn’t a problem though. But I agreed, I’d rather be here then in that house.”

Matt hated his family life. His mom had remarried an atrocious man after his dad passed away and all he did was beat the shit out of Matt for no reason. His mother pretended not to notice and so one day Matt decided he had enough and he began to live on the streets, in random buildings, churches etc. He was fine, he had some money saved up from his part time job but then he was caught stealing food and everything went downhill from there. His grandma thinks he’s been traumatized and decided to ship him out to Camp Rediscover to see if Matt could go back to being a strong young man like he was before his father passed away.¬†

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Camp Rediscover

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